Ideal Content for your Dental Website -

Ideal Content for your Dental Website

dental marketing company web contentSo you’ve got a new website. If the design is in place, you may now be wondering: what else should I add? While the design and layout of your website are commonly what will first attract patients’ attention, it’s the words filling your site’s pages that will convince them to follow through and make an appointment. Your site pages, blog posts, and social media posts all combine to create an online representation of who you are, what you believe, and what kind of service can be found at your practice. With this blog post, our web marketing company offers a few tips on making sure that a strong online presence is established with the right kind of content.

 Content Marketing and Social Media for Dentists

Content marketing” means what it seems like it should mean – it is marketing via creation of interesting, valuable content. Your patients consume the content and gain greater understanding of you and respect for you in the process. While your website directly discusses your services, your website’s blog should be where content marketing takes place.

Social media is the range of platforms on which users share their own content and interact with others’ content. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are all social media platforms, with dozens of others offering additional posting opportunities.

Writing Great Dental Content and Social Media Posts

Whether you’re writing your main site pages, blogging, or posting on social media, there are a few traits you want your writing to possess. Consider the following adjectives:

–       Informative

–       Educational

–       Appealing

–       Entertaining

–       Personable

If the writing your practice puts on the web informs, educates, appeals, entertains, and proffers a personal feel, existing and future patients will appreciate it. Unsure of how to meet those criteria? Doctor Web Solution can help. Our staff writers will create site pages, blog posts, and social media posts that are designed to garner hits. Check back with us next week to learn about a formula for exciting posts.

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