What Does "SEO" Mean in 2015?

What Does SEO Mean in 2015?

seo in 2015

Struggling to keep up with the changing SEO landscape? Find the tactics that work in the long-term, and you can cut out the constant scrambling

Is SEO dead? Obviously, we don’t think so – we’re still sticking around, playing our hand with the search engines. And we’re still seeing results – because we’ve grown learned how to look ahead. If you embrace the right tactics, you won’t have to constantly struggle to change your overall plan. While minor adjustments are absolutely necessary, it’s that total overhaul that you want to avoid. That means saving time, money, and energy.

If you have questions about how Doctor Web Solution would approach your website’s SEO, just get in touch – and read on for a few of our tips.

Finding SEO that Sticks

  • Identify patterns in Google’s algorithm updates – and use them to your advantage. Google is the king of the search engines, and it’s the one you want to tailor the majority of your SEO efforts to please. If you’ve been paying attention to Google’s ranking algorithm updates, you’ve probably noticed that they’re working as hard as possible to cut out the spammy tactics. By creating quality content and receiving real traffic from happy patients, you’ll rise to the top.
  • Don’t be sneaky – Black hat SEO has been scrubbed from the Internet by those aforementioned updates. And the sites that still use bad optimization methods are penalized. There’s no quick and dirty way to improve your rankings – just long-term, persistent work.
  • Embrace quality over quantity – Excellent content speaks volumes, and it draws the search engines’ attentions.
  • Turn to your patients for relevance – The more reviews you receive, the better-regarded your website is, and the more likely it is to show up on Google’s first page.
  • Stay current and love updates – The Internet changes faster than any of us can imagine – sometimes, it’s tough to even understand new trends. By continuing to show your website attention and update your methods, you have a chance to stay even more relevant.
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