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The Basics of SEO for Dentists

SEO for dentistsAfter finishing the process of developing and launching a new website for your dental practice, you’re probably looking forward to a break from online endeavors. But even if your dental website is in place, you’re still not done with your web marketing efforts. The Internet is fluid – it’s always changing, and your website needs to keep up. Search engine optimization is the practice of keeping pace with the rest of the web. By engineering your website to appear to search engines, you help it to draw in new patients. Read on to learn the basics of dental SEO, and what you can do to make your site a success.

The Steps of Dental SEO

Even if your practice’s new website is stunning, it’s not going to draw in new patients without SEO. Imagine a desert island. It’s beautiful, and filled with natural resources; but there’s no way to access it, and no one knows about it. It remains untouched. If that desert island becomes a stop on a cruise line, or if we build an airport on it, it’s going to become a destination.

SEO is the route of transportation between your website and users of the Internet. While that concept is simple, it can be difficult to execute. Search engines are constantly evolving and placing different demands on sites. While receiving that top ranking can be an elusive task, there are a few basic steps you can take to help your website rise in local searches.

  • Link building – This is practice of building links to your website across the Internet. The sites linking to your own need to be relevant to it in some way, as well as relevant in the search engine’s eyes. While some link building can be achieved through submission to directories, you’ll also need to build relationships with other dental sites, blogs, and professionals to share links.
  • Social media – Social media is the user-friendly method of link submission. As your site’s social posts are viewed and shared, links to your website build. Social media is both search engine- and searching human-friendly; just as it appeals to computers, it appeals to people and shows your practice’s fun, friendly side.
  • On-page SEO – Building your website’s pages correctly is key to being recognized by search engines. This involved targeted keywords, appropriately structured content with headings, alt text for images, and useful URLs.

Engaging in SEO for your Dental Practice

We know SEO can seem daunting, and we’re here to help. Get a free website consultation and discuss what SEO could do for your site by contacting us.

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