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At Doctor Web Solution, we connect all the pieces of the internet marketing puzzle to make it all work in complete synergy. From SEO Friendly Medical and Dental Website Design and Development to Blogging, you can find the essentials of Internet marketing in one place. We assist you on implementing strategies to drive traffic to your website that converts visitors to new patients. We offer individualized attention and tailored Internet Marketing strategies for each medical and dental practice.

Website Design

Dental and Medical Websites

A well-designed website is no longer a luxury

We make sure your dental website enables easy and friendly communication between your patients and your practice.
A dental or medical website that is easy to navigate provides a better patient experience and achieves higher conversion rates. After all, the main goal of your website is to convert visitors into patients, and ultimately to generate revenue.

Our dental and medical websites are:

• Easy to use.
• Tailored to convert visitors into patients.
• Easy for new patients to find.

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Mobile Websites

iOS, Android, Web

Everything is going mobile

Mobile users expect quick, anytime transactions that work flawlessly. A mobile dental website is a one that has been specially designed and optimized to work seamlessly on a smartphone’s web browser and any operating system accessible on Androids, iPhone and Tablets.

Why is a mobile experience so important?

90% of local searches are conducted on mobile devices
13.6 million patients are looking for a dentist online each month
80% of patients call a dental practice after searching on a mobile device
85% of patients act within 24 hours
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SEO & Social Media

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

Our SEO and Social Media programs have assisted dentists and medical doctors to rank in the 1st page of Google in less than 30 days. This increases the practice’s chances of attracting and acquiring potential patients that are looking for their services online.

Why is important that your website rank well?

• Over 16 million searches for “Dentistry” are conducted every month on Google alone
• 7 out of 10 potential patients visit the practice’s website before they make an appointment
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Professional Dental and Medical Blog Content

Don’t have enough time to blog and manage social media? Let us do it for you

As your social media partner, we will create an effective presence for your practice. Depending on what’s most appropriate for your office, we’ll work with you on strategy and producing dental and medical content for your blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ or other social networks.

Dental or medical blogs aren’t exactly the new kid on the digital marketing block, but boy, do they get the job done.
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Content Development

Web, Mobile, Social Media

We write unique and fresh content for every page of your website. Fresh content development is fundamental to achieve relevancy within search engines. While those search engines are key, we write content that will primarily appeal to your patients, the visitors of your site.

Our goal is to communicate credibility and professionalism that encourages prospective patients to further explore your practice. If the patients love your website content, the search engines will love it too!
Your website content must be:
• Fresh and relevant
• Informative
• Trustworthy

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Web Analytics

Helping You to Grow Intelligently

If you can measure it, you can manage it!

Doctor Web solution utilizes the best, most telling web tools like Google Analytics to allow you to see what organic search keywords and key phrases are already driving traffic to your website. These keywords will provide a good baseline of core keywords, and provide you with a list of keywords and level of performance against which you can benchmark your future SEO efforts.

We effectively and confidently analyze and report metrics for complete dental and medical internet marketing programs. These monthly reports are a key part of the dental web marketing puzzle because they tell us how your online campaign is performing. We regularly utilize the data and adjust your campaign accordingly.
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