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How to Market Your Dental Practice

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Every dental practice is unique. But how exactly does one translate what is special about their practice into a web presence? Determining how to market your dental practice takes time and thought. Evaluate your services to decide on the best areas of focus. Below, we’ve listed a few things to take into consideration when setting up your website. Incorporate them into your web marketing to see a site that both speaks volumes and draws in patients.

 Looking at Your Practice From A Marketing Point of View

  1. Which services are profitable? – For most dentists, these are usually the cosmetic treatments. But it’s important to understand exactly which services are going to bring in the most revenue. Put together a list of the treatments that prove to be the most financially beneficial for your practice, and consider ways to work those into high-profile roles on your website.
  2. Which services are appealing? – Sometimes, you need to step back and take an objective look at your own business. No one else views it the way you do – but they’re the ones you need to consider in your marketing. Appealing services are typically those low in cost and high in reward. Which ones do you most commonly get inquiries about? Make calls to action that highlight appealing treatments to see more follow-throughs from site visitors.
  3. Which services are easily marketable? – Marketable services are different from appealing ones because they don’t have to be the most popular, just the easiest to promote. For example, everyone isn’t necessarily coming to your site to read up on teeth whitening, but they’re going to see a front-page ad for whitening (with dazzling “Before and After” photos) and get interested.

Seeking Dental Marketing Advice?

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