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Understanding Social Media Marketing

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Your marketing efforts don’t all have to be humdrum. Social media marketing has become a huge part of building a strong web presence. Not only does social media aid your dental practice’s SEO efforts, it shows your existing and prospective patients that you are human and approachable. Social media can be used to advertise, educate, and entertain. Regularly use your social media presences to do all three and you’ll begin to see new patients on your schedule.


How To Use Social Media for Dental Marketing

One of the most intimidating things about social media can be the need to regularly provide new content. By creating something as standard as blog posts, you’ll have a weekly post that’s entirely yours, and specific to your practice. What do you post the rest of the time? Anything on the web that pertains to you, your services, or your patients’ interests is fair game – and that encompasses an unbelievable amount of web content. Split your time between writing your own content and finding applicable articles, pages, and photos on the web for consistent social media material that doesn’t wear you out.

We mentioned earlier that there are specific tactics you should embrace in your social media efforts. Allow us to expand on exactly how social media fosters those tasks.

  • Advertise – Social media sites like Facebook offer built-in ad campaign opportunities, in which you can set daily budget limits for ads to be shown alongside local users’ feeds and pages. Others (like Twitter and Pinterest) offer great opportunities for posting links to practice specials and pricing, getting patients intrigued and ready to schedule.
  • Educate – Posting educational materials and information about procedures that take place in your office is simple on social media. Patients will see you as an expert and appreciate the opportunity to learn more about their own treatment.
  • Entertain – Users of social media are ready to click on things that look appealing; that’s why they’re perusing the sites during their workdays or weekends. Find fun, dental-related photos, infographics, and facts, and your patients will love you for the entertaining moment, however brief.

Getting Into Social Media Marketing

Doctor Web Solution would love to guide you through the world of social media. Get in touch to learn more about the first steps.

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