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Facebook Marketing for Dental Practices

dental marketing with FacebookSocial media was conceived as a way for users to connect with one another. While most social media platforms had the initial purpose of entertainment value, businesses have hopped on board. Platforms like Facebook are now an incredibly useful tool for small and large businesses alike. Using Facebook for your dental practice can help you get draw in new patients, communicate with current ones, and educate the world at large. Don’t be intimidated by this social network – a few tips will get you started on your own social media marketing.

Facebook Marketing Is Entertaining But Effective

“Fun marketing” doesn’t need to be an oxymoron. There are ways to get your message across without being dull. Social media is one of the simplest ways to make your marketing more interesting. Simply establishing an active presence on Facebook will get your practice name in current and potential patients’ newsfeeds (and on their minds). Try using Facebook in the following ways:

  • Post your own content. Blogging but feeling unnoticed? Posting your own articles on your Facebook will get them seen by patients, and show that you’re interested in staying current and communicative.
  • Garner likes. When someone “Likes” your practice’s Facebook, they’re signing up to see your updates in their Newsfeeds. This connects the two of you and keeps them posted in your ongoing activity. The more likes your practice’s page has, the bigger its social circle and impact.
  • Make new connections. Current patients who post on your page or share your posts are bringing you into their friends’ spheres. The written/visual recommendation of you and your practice has a significant impact on those who see it.
  • Advertise specials. Events, special pricing, and new treatments or technologies all deserve announcements. Get them noticed by detailing them on your practice’s page and calling patients to action.

Social Media and Your Dental Practice

Getting started with social media marketing is as simple as contacting Dr. Web Solution to begin developing your web marketing. Contact us today!

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