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Long ago, marketing once meant little more than word of mouth. For medical practices and healthcare providers in particular, there’s always been a slight remove between the practice and its marketing efforts. Shouldn’t you be able to get new patients by simply providing excellent dentistry? In this day and age, that’s simply not enough. Patients seeking a new dentist will still ask their friends and family for recommendations, but they’ll likely make the final decision based on their own web research. When patients search for a local dentist online, it’s vital that your practice attract their attention. In order to get your practice to where it needs to be (high in the search engine rankings!), you’ll need to engage in some practice promotion.

Methods of Online Marketing

Tooting your own horn is no longer something to be looked down on – it’s just necessary! The internet makes a lot of promises to its users – in fact, any user can say absolutely anything without reproach. In order to stand out from the mass of hyperbole, you need to show potential patients just how amazing your practice is. Fill your website with

  • Before and after photos showcasing your impressive aesthetic talents
  • Credentials that detail your background and experience
  • Information about the range of services available with your practice, and why you’re special

In addition to appealing to humans online, you’ll need to appeal to the search engines. These are the tools that connect potential patients to you. If you’re not speaking their language, your website just won’t be visible. Appeal to search engines by

  • Optimizing your content with appropriate keywords and structure
  • Building links to your website
  • Using a variety of social media platforms

Dental Marketing with Doctor Web Solution

All sound like a little too much self-promotion? Let us do the work for you. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to get behind the helm of your practice’s web marketing. Contact us to learn more about the first steps.

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