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How Visible is Your Dental Website?

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No matter how perfect your dental practice’s website is, it has to be seen in order for you to garner new patients. So, how do you get your site seen? It’s a simple- (and even silly-) sounding question, but one that actually requires serious SEO know-how to answer. While there are things we put in place on our websites that appeal to prospective patients, getting your site to rank high in listings (and get clicks) depends on how you appeal to the search engines. As these search engines are essentially robots with constantly-changing preferences, they can be fickle creatures. That’s where search engine optimization should step in and takes control.

Getting Your Dental Practice’s Website to Rank

“Rankings” are the places a website holds in different search engine listings for different keywords. Sound convoluted? To put it plainly, we’ll use an example. When you search for “local dentist,” there will be a certain practice that comes up in the number one position. This is the position you strive to claim for your practice.

But what about every other dentist in your area working toward that #1 spot? Rankings can be a bit of a battle, and staying current is key. Keeping up with the ever-evolving search algorithms (which aren’t always well-documented, and can take some time to puzzle out) is a must. Act in ways the search engines prefer in order to see your dental website rise to the top of the heap.

It’s also important to discover which keywords are ranking well for your website. That way, you can emphasize the right services to appeal to your target audience. Understanding and working closely with Google Analytics and Google Adwords are great places to start this keyword research.

Help with Your Dental Website’s Rankings and SEO

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