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Getting Behind Dental Blogging

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One of the trickiest aspects of web marketing is staying current. The Internet¬†is constantly changing, and we have to doggy paddle to stay above its waters. How can you keep your dental website up-to-date in every possible way? While adding to your site’s service pages, Before and After gallery, and news section will show patients that you’re paying attention, there’s an even simpler way to maintain your site: by writing a regular blog. Better yet, blogging appeals not only to patients but also to search engines. A practice that pleases both people and robots? We think it must be a winner.

Setting Up Your Dental Blog

Your CMS (content management service, like WordPress) should make it simple for you to blog. Most have a blogging system in place on your site as soon as it’s created. From there, it’s easy to log on and get blogging.

…Or is it? Stumped as to what you should be blogging about? Read on for some ideas.

  • Your practice’s services – Elaborate on what you have to offer to get patients more excited about treatment possibilities. This also serves as a valuable patient-dentist communication portal.
  • Patient education – The more patients know about oral health and the right dental practices, the more engaged they’ll become with their dental care. Talk about oral hygiene, oral disease, and other dental concerns.
  • Office specials – If you’re offering something special, why not talk the opportunity to blog about it? This will help increase practice/special visibility.
  • Emerging technology – If your practice is keeping up with the technological times, it’s something you should be proud of. Discuss dental technology and the role your practice is playing within it.
  • Dentistry-related news – This one is a little tougher. How often is dentistry in the news? Fact of the matter is, the news doesn’t even have to be dentistry-specific. If something catches your eye and applies even tangentially to your practice, bring it up on your blog (you’re sure to get visitors searching for the news item).

Need Blogging Help?

We’re happy to provide your practice with weekly posts. Learn more by contacting Dr. Web Solution online!

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