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Dental Content Marketing: Appealing to Every Patient

dental content marketing

These days, it’s all about the content.

Modern marketing has to be much more creative than its predecessors. While audiences were once captive, forced to watch ads on television between their programs, there are now unlimited, ad-free viewing options. Internet browsers have ad-blocking extensions, and users are always able to click away from anything they’re bored with or don’t feel like watching. Today’s advertising has be be interesting in order for the viewer to pay attention to it (much less be persuaded by it). This has given rise to something called content marketing. This form of marketing appeals to potential clients with valuable, unique pieces of text, images, videos, or other forms of media. And content marketing is possible for your dental practice or medical practice.

How Does Content Marketing Work?

Content marketing expresses your expertise to current and potential patients. It provides them with educational, fascinating information that they can use in their daily lives to improve their health. Excellent content shows them that you care about connecting with them. And it’s often something they share, whether by word of mouth or on social media. Content marketing can consist of nearly anything, as long as the information being conveyed is unique to your practice and relevant to your target audience.

Aspects of Content Marketing for Dentists

  • Blogging – A blog that is part of your website and is regularly updated is an invaluable part of your marketing efforts. Prospective patients visiting to check out an intriguing post will find themselves investing other areas of your site, and potentially clicking through to schedule.
  • Social media posts – Social media is a great outlet because the content you post doesn’t necessarily need to be serious. And fun, entertaining posts are the most commonly shared. Consider your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages opportunities to show patients your human side.

Content marketing takes time. Our dental marketing experts are ready to commit to your practice and help you create a superb web presence. Simply get in touch to get started with your new marketing plan.

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