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dental bloggingBlogging has been a burden for countless small businesses. The simple fact of the matter is that it takes time – time that a busy dental practice just doesn’t have. By the end of a day of patients, there’s little motivation or energy left for conceptualizing, writing, and formatting a blog post. If you’re finding it tough to incorporate a blog into your web presence, let Doctor Web Solution lend a hand. We offer unique, professional blogging tailored to your practice.

The Value of Consistent Dental Blogging

Blogging appeals to both patients and search engines. On the SEO side, blog posts show that your website is adding new pages with quality content, remaining active and putting new keywords out for visitors to find. At the same time, patients (whether new or existing) who visit your website will be impressed by a current blog and the information it offers. Seeing that a site’s blog hasn’t been updated for months is an immediate turn-off, and can send casual browsers packing.

Keeping Your Practice’s Website Current

A blog serves both your practice and your patients. Blog posts attract patients with engaging, quality content that teaches them about their oral health and the dental services available to them. Some may factor your blog into their decision to schedule. Those patients may also learn something from your blog, making it a worthwhile dental care resource.

Your blog is an excellent way to highlight:

  • Practice news or special offers
  • Practice projects or community work
  • Services you’re working to promote
  • Case studies
  • Valuable patient education
  • Discussion of what sets your practice apart

Doctor Web Solution offers both blogging and subsequent posting to social media. Your blog posts are the best content to share with patients, because they are uniquely your own. Our writing and social media team will craft posts regularly and share them on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and anywhere else you see fit.

If you’re interested in learning more about the value of a blog, contact us today. We could get yours started within the week.