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rankings and SEO for dentists

No matter how perfect your dental practice’s website is, it has to be seen in order for you to garner new patients. So, how do you get your site seen? It’s a simple- (and even silly-) sounding question, but one that actually requires serious SEO know-how to answer. While there are things we put in place on our websites that appeal to prospective patients, getting your site to rank high in listings (and get clicks) depends on how you appeal to the search engines. As these search engines are essentially robots with constantly-changing preferences, they can be fickle creatures. That’s where search engine optimization should step in and takes control.

Getting Your Dental Practice’s Website to Rank

“Rankings” are the places a website holds in different search engine listings for different keywords. Sound convoluted? To put it plainly, we’ll use an example. When you search for “local dentist,” there will be a certain practice that comes up in the number one position. This is the position you strive to claim for your practice.

But what about every other dentist in your area working toward that #1 spot? Rankings can be a bit of a battle, and staying current is key. Keeping up with the ever-evolving search algorithms (which aren’t always well-documented, and can take some time to puzzle out) is a must. Act in ways the search engines prefer in order to see your dental website rise to the top of the heap.

It’s also important to discover which keywords are ranking well for your website. That way, you can emphasize the right services to appeal to your target audience. Understanding and working closely with Google Analytics and Google Adwords are great places to start this keyword research.

Help with Your Dental Website’s Rankings and SEO

Looking for a helping hand? Doctor Web Solution is prepared to come to your aid. Get in touch with us online!

dental content marketing

These days, it’s all about the content.

Modern marketing has to be much more creative than its predecessors. While audiences were once captive, forced to watch ads on television between their programs, there are now unlimited, ad-free viewing options. Internet browsers have ad-blocking extensions, and users are always able to click away from anything they’re bored with or don’t feel like watching. Today’s advertising has be be interesting in order for the viewer to pay attention to it (much less be persuaded by it). This has given rise to something called content marketing. This form of marketing appeals to potential clients with valuable, unique pieces of text, images, videos, or other forms of media. And content marketing is possible for your dental practice or medical practice.

How Does Content Marketing Work?

Content marketing expresses your expertise to current and potential patients. It provides them with educational, fascinating information that they can use in their daily lives to improve their health. Excellent content shows them that you care about connecting with them. And it’s often something they share, whether by word of mouth or on social media. Content marketing can consist of nearly anything, as long as the information being conveyed is unique to your practice and relevant to your target audience.

Aspects of Content Marketing for Dentists

  • Blogging – A blog that is part of your website and is regularly updated is an invaluable part of your marketing efforts. Prospective patients visiting to check out an intriguing post will find themselves investing other areas of your site, and potentially clicking through to schedule.
  • Social media posts – Social media is a great outlet because the content you post doesn’t necessarily need to be serious. And fun, entertaining posts are the most commonly shared. Consider your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages opportunities to show patients your human side.

Content marketing takes time. Our dental marketing experts are ready to commit to your practice and help you create a superb web presence. Simply get in touch to get started with your new marketing plan.

dental marketing with FacebookSocial media was conceived as a way for users to connect with one another. While most social media platforms had the initial purpose of entertainment value, businesses have hopped on board. Platforms like Facebook are now an incredibly useful tool for small and large businesses alike. Using Facebook for your dental practice can help you get draw in new patients, communicate with current ones, and educate the world at large. Don’t be intimidated by this social network – a few tips will get you started on your own social media marketing.

Facebook Marketing Is Entertaining But Effective

“Fun marketing” doesn’t need to be an oxymoron. There are ways to get your message across without being dull. Social media is one of the simplest ways to make your marketing more interesting. Simply establishing an active presence on Facebook will get your practice name in current and potential patients’ newsfeeds (and on their minds). Try using Facebook in the following ways:

  • Post your own content. Blogging but feeling unnoticed? Posting your own articles on your Facebook will get them seen by patients, and show that you’re interested in staying current and communicative.
  • Garner likes. When someone “Likes” your practice’s Facebook, they’re signing up to see your updates in their Newsfeeds. This connects the two of you and keeps them posted in your ongoing activity. The more likes your practice’s page has, the bigger its social circle and impact.
  • Make new connections. Current patients who post on your page or share your posts are bringing you into their friends’ spheres. The written/visual recommendation of you and your practice has a significant impact on those who see it.
  • Advertise specials. Events, special pricing, and new treatments or technologies all deserve announcements. Get them noticed by detailing them on your practice’s page and calling patients to action.

Social Media and Your Dental Practice

Getting started with social media marketing is as simple as contacting Dr. Web Solution to begin developing your web marketing. Contact us today!

dental marketing plan

Don’t let the phrase “marketing plan” intimidate you. You’re interested in providing excellent service to your patients, not setting up a complex plan of attack. But if you want to continue bringing in new patients (which goes without saying), your practice will need to engage in web marketing efforts. Even a basic marketing plan will help you determine what your web presence should be like, and how it will draw in prospective patients. The crux of online marketing is establishing your personality with only your website as a means of conveying it. Strike a balance between professionalism and personal appeal, and new patients will be walking through your front doors.

Define Your Practice to Choose the Proper Marketing Tactics

Defining your practice is a little trickier than it sounds. You provide dental care and help your patients build strong oral health. But so does every other dentist – and if every dental website discussed this mission, patients would grow bored and quickly navigate away.

You need to decide what it is that sets your practice apart, and then make sure your website communicates that in an appealing, strong manner. If your purpose is primarily to provide aesthetic dentistry, you’ll want to emphasize images, especially Before and After shots. If your practice is pediatric, work on some kid-friendly pages and approaches. If you provide endodontic treatment, work on laying out the reasons your practice rises above others in terms of patient comfort and sedation. No matter your practice, there’s something unique and special about it (not to get too motivational speaker on you – it’s true). Find that and you have your marketing approach.

Establishing Your Dental Practice’s Appeal on the Web

You’ll also benefit from determining exactly who it is that you want to serve, and how to appeal to them. Different forms of social media, frequent blogging, PPC campaigns, and other marketing measures implore varying types of patients to visit. Understanding how to appeal to those you want to appeal to will make all the difference.

Our dental marketing company would love to help you build your web marketing plan. Get in touch for a complimentary website evaluation, and the beginning of your marketing discussion.

dental website redesignWhat’s cool and up-to-date on the Internet is (literally) constantly changing. The thing that everyone was talking about on Monday is often totally obsolete by Tuesday. This can make web marketing an ongoing challenge. Understanding how to make a website look contemporary requires an eye for design and an encyclopedic knowledge of what’s happening on the web – as well as an ability to predict what’s going to be happening on the web tomorrow. This may sound like an impossible task, but that’s where Doctor Web Solution can help. We’re ready to evaluate your practice’s web presence and determine the steps you need to take to bring it to a more current place, through website redesign.

Redesigning Your Dental Website

Is your website behind the times? There are a few ways to evaluate whether it may be the right time for an update. Simply ask yourself a few of the following questions.

  • How is your website’s design? Web design can be a fickle creature. The design aspects you love may not appeal to patients, and vice versa. Put that aside and consider only how current your site’s design looks. Modern websites prize minimalism and sleekness over super comfortable, friendly-looking websites – but there are ways to combine the two to great effect. A professional web designer certainly helps.
  • On what does your website focus? Is your site still promoting the services that you’re currently invested in promoting, or is it still talking about techniques and products you introduced to your practice five years ago? If so, it’s time for a change.
  • Is your site’s content current? Recent before and after photos and reviews show new patients that you’re working hard and continuing to keep your existing patients happy. Fresh content and images also communicate to patients that you’re invested in your web presence.

Preparing For A Website Redesign

Redesigning your website doesn’t need to be a trial. Get in touch with Doctor Web Solution’s team to find a crew of professional designers, writers, and marketers suited to the task.

SEO for dentistsAfter finishing the process of developing and launching a new website for your dental practice, you’re probably looking forward to a break from online endeavors. But even if your dental website is in place, you’re still not done with your web marketing efforts. The Internet is fluid – it’s always changing, and your website needs to keep up. Search engine optimization is the practice of keeping pace with the rest of the web. By engineering your website to appear to search engines, you help it to draw in new patients. Read on to learn the basics of dental SEO, and what you can do to make your site a success.

The Steps of Dental SEO

Even if your practice’s new website is stunning, it’s not going to draw in new patients without SEO. Imagine a desert island. It’s beautiful, and filled with natural resources; but there’s no way to access it, and no one knows about it. It remains untouched. If that desert island becomes a stop on a cruise line, or if we build an airport on it, it’s going to become a destination.

SEO is the route of transportation between your website and users of the Internet. While that concept is simple, it can be difficult to execute. Search engines are constantly evolving and placing different demands on sites. While receiving that top ranking can be an elusive task, there are a few basic steps you can take to help your website rise in local searches.

  • Link building – This is practice of building links to your website across the Internet. The sites linking to your own need to be relevant to it in some way, as well as relevant in the search engine’s eyes. While some link building can be achieved through submission to directories, you’ll also need to build relationships with other dental sites, blogs, and professionals to share links.
  • Social media – Social media is the user-friendly method of link submission. As your site’s social posts are viewed and shared, links to your website build. Social media is both search engine- and searching human-friendly; just as it appeals to computers, it appeals to people and shows your practice’s fun, friendly side.
  • On-page SEO – Building your website’s pages correctly is key to being recognized by search engines. This involved targeted keywords, appropriately structured content with headings, alt text for images, and useful URLs.

Engaging in SEO for your Dental Practice

We know SEO can seem daunting, and we’re here to help. Get a free website consultation and discuss what SEO could do for your site by contacting us.

dental web designThe prospect of redesigning your dental website can seem intimidating. The biggest question on most dentists’ and office managers’ minds is: where to begin? As a dental marketing company, our recommendation is to begin with a professional web designer. This blog post will walk you through the steps involved in collaborating with a designer to create a new website that encompasses all you want to get out of your web presence. Prepare for the process by understanding what will be asked of you, what you should have decided on, and the resources you’ll need to provide.

Redesigning Your Dental Website

Working with a website platform can be tricky, which is why we recommend employing a professional designer. Of course, since the website will be your own and represent your dental practice, the designer will need your help to get an idea of what you want your online identity to be. This will involve the following steps:

  • Establishing the look of your site. You’ll need to decide on a logo, color scheme, and layout. While the designer has an eye for what works, and will offer you suggestions, you will need to determine which is most in line with your practice.
  • Creating strong images. While stock photos of beautiful, anonymous people are all well and good, it’s vital that you establish a picture of what your practice and dental work (especially cosmetic treatments) actually look like. You’ll need to take photos of your practice, before and after shots of patients, and pictures of your team. Being able to see the office and its employees before their first visit comforts patients, especially those with dental anxiety.
  • Determining what’s important. Choosing certain services to emphasize is key. If your site discusses the full realm of dentistry, patients will likely grow bored or overwhelmed and search elsewhere. Giving your patients reasons why your practice stands apart (e.g. laser dentistry, mini dental implants, or facial aesthetics).

Web Design with Doctor Web Solution

Should you decide to work with Doctor Web Solution, we’ll provide every step of the design process, and then place SEO on your site to make sure it shows the new patient results you’re hoping for. Get in touch to get started.

dental marketing social media

Your marketing efforts don’t all have to be humdrum. Social media marketing has become a huge part of building a strong web presence. Not only does social media aid your dental practice’s SEO efforts, it shows your existing and prospective patients that you are human and approachable. Social media can be used to advertise, educate, and entertain. Regularly use your social media presences to do all three and you’ll begin to see new patients on your schedule.


How To Use Social Media for Dental Marketing

One of the most intimidating things about social media can be the need to regularly provide new content. By creating something as standard as blog posts, you’ll have a weekly post that’s entirely yours, and specific to your practice. What do you post the rest of the time? Anything on the web that pertains to you, your services, or your patients’ interests is fair game – and that encompasses an unbelievable amount of web content. Split your time between writing your own content and finding applicable articles, pages, and photos on the web for consistent social media material that doesn’t wear you out.

We mentioned earlier that there are specific tactics you should embrace in your social media efforts. Allow us to expand on exactly how social media fosters those tasks.

  • Advertise – Social media sites like Facebook offer built-in ad campaign opportunities, in which you can set daily budget limits for ads to be shown alongside local users’ feeds and pages. Others (like Twitter and Pinterest) offer great opportunities for posting links to practice specials and pricing, getting patients intrigued and ready to schedule.
  • Educate – Posting educational materials and information about procedures that take place in your office is simple on social media. Patients will see you as an expert and appreciate the opportunity to learn more about their own treatment.
  • Entertain – Users of social media are ready to click on things that look appealing; that’s why they’re perusing the sites during their workdays or weekends. Find fun, dental-related photos, infographics, and facts, and your patients will love you for the entertaining moment, however brief.

Getting Into Social Media Marketing

Doctor Web Solution would love to guide you through the world of social media. Get in touch to learn more about the first steps.

dental marketing for your practice

Long ago, marketing once meant little more than word of mouth. For medical practices and healthcare providers in particular, there’s always been a slight remove between the practice and its marketing efforts. Shouldn’t you be able to get new patients by simply providing excellent dentistry? In this day and age, that’s simply not enough. Patients seeking a new dentist will still ask their friends and family for recommendations, but they’ll likely make the final decision based on their own web research. When patients search for a local dentist online, it’s vital that your practice attract their attention. In order to get your practice to where it needs to be (high in the search engine rankings!), you’ll need to engage in some practice promotion.

Methods of Online Marketing

Tooting your own horn is no longer something to be looked down on – it’s just necessary! The internet makes a lot of promises to its users – in fact, any user can say absolutely anything without reproach. In order to stand out from the mass of hyperbole, you need to show potential patients just how amazing your practice is. Fill your website with

  • Before and after photos showcasing your impressive aesthetic talents
  • Credentials that detail your background and experience
  • Information about the range of services available with your practice, and why you’re special

In addition to appealing to humans online, you’ll need to appeal to the search engines. These are the tools that connect potential patients to you. If you’re not speaking their language, your website just won’t be visible. Appeal to search engines by

  • Optimizing your content with appropriate keywords and structure
  • Building links to your website
  • Using a variety of social media platforms

Dental Marketing with Doctor Web Solution

All sound like a little too much self-promotion? Let us do the work for you. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to get behind the helm of your practice’s web marketing. Contact us to learn more about the first steps.

dental marketing SEOIt’s a big question: are patients able to find your practice? We’re not talking about whether your office location is in an easily found place (although that’s always a plus!); we’re asking whether your online presence is as strong as it could be. Finding dentists online is how contemporary patients make decisions about their care providers. And if your practice doesn’t show up in the search engine rankings, it will be tough to win over new patients. No matter how perfect your website is, potential patients will need to get to it first. Doctor Web Solution has a way to make this happen.

SEO For Dentists

Search engine optimization is the practice of engineering your website so that it rises in the search engine rankings (appearing at the top of a list of results, where it’s more likely to be clicked on, rather than lower down the page). SEO takes time, effort, and know-how, but it is possible for every dental practice. Engage in SEO practices by taking any of the following steps:

  • Building pages properly – Your website’s pages must be constructed in the right way in order to appeal to search engines. This involves using the right blend of content and images, the correct number of words per page, and H1, H2, and H3 headings with the appropriate keywords.
  • Using meta tags – Meta tags tell search engines and searchers alike key information about your site. Proper tags will boost your site in the rankings.
  • Frequently posting content – Fresh content is adored by search engines. The more active you are on your site, the more love it will receive from the search engines.
  • Creating landing pages – Landing pages convey information to visitors alongside a form to gather the visitor’s own contact information. They are an ideal way to draw in new patients.

So many questions! Where do I start with my SEO endeavors?

If SEO seems out of your wheelhouse, spend your time running your practice and let us focus on your online presence. We’ll build you a new, unique website from the ground up, ensure it is SEO-friendly, and create regular content for your blog and social media presences.