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Get your patients buzzing!

Any phrase involving “buzz” should be approached with caution. This term has become a catchall for content that tends to be less valuable than it’s cracked up to be. But sometimes, a little buzz can be exactly what you want. If you get site visitors talking about you, and then have the goods to back all that talk up, you’ll find yourself sitting pretty with new patients on the schedule.

How do you strike the balance between buzzworthy and truly worthwhile? With some clever social media marketing and unique practice specials. If you’re stumped as to how you should proceed, Dr Web Solution can help. Read on for a few tips.

Setting Your Dental Practice Apart from the Pack

While being a healthcare professional wasn’t always synonymous with savvy web marketing, it is today. There are so many dentists on the Web – and they’re all fighting to end up on the first page of search engine results. Everyone (at least, almost everyone) creates a site with the aid of a professional designer. Depending on the age of the site’s design, it will fall into a certain category. And within the stratum of dentists that have a comparable level of web design, you have to do more than just create a nice homepage to make yourself memorable.

The Fun Side of Dental Marketing

It’s time to take a look at your practice and decide what makes it special. Every office is unique, but it’s harder to pinpoint exactly what those exclusive characteristics are (they can be quite subtle). Is it a certain brand that you offer? Your attention to gentle care? A soothing, spa-like office environment? An experienced, dedicated staff that works to build a patient community? No matter the practice, those special aspects are there – waiting to be emphasized.

Once you’ve identified what sets you apart, it’s time to market your practice in a new way. Your marketing doesn’t have to be dull or staid, even if you have a dental or medical practice. There’s a fun side to everything. Pairing specials and treatment packages that rely on your strengths with an entertaining, easily understood format will show patients what they stand to gain from your practice, rather than the one down the street. Communicate patients that you have the specific facilities and abilities that fit their needs.

Social Media is Your Best Friend

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this (admittedly difficult) task is with social media marketing. Because social media combines dissemination of information and a visual, pleasurable format, it’s an ideal tool for dental marketing. Make your services a little more thrilling by displaying and discussing them in a new way. With the aid of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and more, you’re able to quickly and easily post

  • Specials – If you don’t regularly run practice specials, it’s time to start. People respond to limited-time and package offers.
  • Ads – Social media advertising is easier than ever, and can be targeted to specific demographics.
  • Before & Afters – Why not show off examples of your work? They’re guaranteed to wow patients.
  • Jokes/cartoons – People appreciate seeing some levity on social media – it’s actually what most are looking for during their Facebook or Twitter visits (a little break from the workday).
  • Educational facts – Use social media to educate your patients and they’ll remember you for your helpful tips.
  • Photos and tidbits about the office and its staff – Take advantage of the visual format to get current and prospective patients more familiar with your practice.

Still looking for ideas? Just get in touch to start a marketing conversation!

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dental web design

Pop! goes the web design

The last time you visited a new website, what was the first thing you noticed about it? We’re betting it wasn’t the snappy text or the contact information. We’re confident in predicting that it was actually the home page’s appearance. Even if you’re visiting a site for purely practical reasons, its design makes an impact on the viewer. This extends to sites belonging to healthcare professionals. While your website deals with dentistry, we want it to be more than just a means to an end.

The thing is, design is what convinces patients to follow through and reach that end (i.e. scheduling an appointment). So while a great layout may seem like a frivolity, it should be your first concern. If your practice’s home page isn’t attractive, it’s a huge ding against you. The bounce rate will be high, and you won’t engage new patients – you’ll just lose them. Fortunately, there are a few design guidelines to follow that will help you craft a user-friendly experience. Read on for some quick tips.

Stay Modern with Your Site Design

Ok, we know – easier said than done. At this point in the life of the Internet, what does “modern” even mean, anyways? We’re using the term to describe the contemporary M.O. of today’s Web. You need to keep up with the design of other sites, even if they deal with a more artistic commodity or service. After all, as an aesthetic dentist, you’re dealing in a similarly visual product, even if other people don’t see it that way initially.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, we’d rather show you modern design than tell you about it. Check out our Design Gallery to see some examples of the kind of work in which we’re invested. A few of the factors that unite our designs include:

  • Streamlined layout
  • Emphasis on images
  • Appealing color schemes tailored to the user experience
  • Clear, easily accessed contact forms
  • Vertical design that draws in the eye
  • Visual, prominent representations of the practice and its staff

Keep Your Website Active

You’re probably thinking, “Great, another vague command! Thanks for all the help.” But “active” is actually easier to define than “modern.” In this case, we mean that you should keep the site current. Continually update it with fresh images, blog posts, and content. Showcase practice specials and treatment deals. This communicates that you care about keeping up with your patients and their ever-changing needs.

Let the Web Design Guide Patient Conversion

Nobody likes being told what to do, and this even extends to patients that are actively trying to find a new dentist. Bombarding them with contact forms and “CALL NOW”s won’t achieve the desired result. Instead, the design should guide patients toward the information they’re seeking, which will then convince them to take the plunge and become your patient.

It’s never too late to improve your website’s design. Whether you currently have a practice site, or are looking to build one from scratch, now is the time to take action. Consider how many potential calls you could be missing each day – simply because patients can’t find you online. There’s no way to know what you stand to gain until you put that site in place.

And it doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re interested in learning more about your site’s design possibilities, reach out for a complimentary site evaluation. We’ll help you understand where you’re at, and how to move forward. In the meantime, check out some design tips to get thinking about the changes you’d like to make.

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dental content marketingLike many occupants of the marketing world, we were struck by a recent leaked report about the state of the New York Times. As many loyal readers were clued in to with 2011’s introduction of an online paywall, the Times has struggled to remain relevant in a landscape of immediately-available, individual-specific web content. Sites like the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed excel in this arena – but they do so with far less well-crafted content, prioritizing .gif lists and celebrity gossip that is engineered to attract clicks. In order to engage readers, your content needs to strike a fine line between the Times’ more challenging offerings, and Buzzfeed/HuffPo’s blatant pandering to the denizens of the web.

This is true for all content creators, including your own healthcare practice. Taking a measured approach to content marketing is key. Don’t just educate – entertain. Your patients, both prospective and current, will take notice, and respond positively.

Hold on; what’s content marketing?

Content marketing is a brainchild borne of necessity, and shaped by Google’s ever-changing SEO preferences. The choices the search engine giant makes with regard to which content and pages “matter” on the web have changed the way Internet advertising functions. Long gone are the days of pop up ads, spammy pages, and meta keyword exploitation. What matters now are well-written, appealing, and valuable pieces of content. Google appreciates creators who make the web a better place, and it boosts their websites’ rankings in response.

In short, content marketing is drawing in new clients/patients/customers with the aid of compelling content. This can mean information about your practice, newsworthy blog posts, or case studies: whatever works for you. The important part is that the content gets made, gets out there, and gets seen. We can help with all three parts of that content equation.

Making Your Website’s Content Stand Out

What patients (and search engines) really value is content that speaks to your specific practice. Getting detailed and getting personal is just more interesting than writing about vague, industry-wide topics. For this reason, it’s vital that you play a role in your website’s content creation. If you’re writing pages or blog posts yourself, pack in plenty of details about what the office is up to, recent cases, and even information about staff members. If you have a content developer, share updates on office news, specials, and unique cases. The more applicable to your practice the content, the better patients will respond.

In addition to crafting excellent content, you need to show patients that content is something they’ll benefit from consuming. These days, that means sharing on social media. This is where the “entertain” portion of content marketing often comes in. Frame the content in a way that’s going to get patients clicking on the link, and learning more about your practice. Social media is an incredible outlet for all kinds of content sharing – it doesn’t even necessarily have to be written (Facebook users often prefer educational content that’s either heavy with or contained within images).

What Your Patients Want from a Dental Website

In order to create the ideal patient experience, you’ll need to take a step back and decide exactly what it is that your patients want. It’s possible to build content that accomplishes what you want (bringing in new patients) by giving site visitors what they want (an informative but entertaining time spent on your site). Ready to unlock your practice website’s full potential? Get in touch with Doctor Web Solution for a complimentary website evaluation. We’ll help you find the best place to get started.

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dental marketingIt can be difficult to focus on both the present and future. But if you don’t have goals in place, how can you know what to work toward? This is true in every area of life, but especially pertinent when applied to your actions on the Web. Since the Internet’s landscape is constantly evolving, you need to be aware of what’s going on today and what could come tomorrow. Your web marketing efforts need to address both of these realities.

How can you predict the future? By putting safe, smart practices in place that will pay off over time. With today’s post, we’ll address some ways to boost your website’s ROI – today and tomorrow.

Short-Term Marketing Practices for Immediate Results

Sometimes, you need to get the word out ASAP. This is especially true when you’re running a practice special or trying to promote a specific, limited-time offer. In this case, there are ways to appeal directly to patients, and to dictate the message you send. Some short-term marketing efforts include:

  • Google PPC ads – You probably know that Google is the king of the search engines. If you don’t: it’s overwhelmingly the most-used engine, and it determines whether your site will be placed high in rankings or left in the dust. With Google ads, you’re able to set up a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign for specific keywords. These ads are listed at the top of and alongside search engine results, and you’re only responsible for payment correlated to the number of clicks your ad receives. That’s the kind of advertising that you can really control.
  • Facebook ads – Facebook offers ad services similar to Google’s, but with added targeting options. Since users readily give Facebook detailed information about their interests, preferences, and demographics, that information is at your disposal when advertising. You can choose the types of potential patients you want to show your ads – and put a cap on the cost to prevent big spending.
  • Social media posting – Want a great way to reach patients without opening your wallet? Turn to social media. Posting photos, blurbs, and links to great content on your Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ pages will grab attention and get patients thinking about your practice. It’s also a perfect way to advertise promotions.

Longer-Term Marketing for Gradual Payoff

While of-the-moment marketing is all well and good, you absolutely must focus on caring for your long-term web presence. This means working to get your website high in the search engine rankings. The higher it is in lists of results for different keywords, the better chance you have at snagging new patients. But improving your rankings takes some solid, long-running work. It takes time for search engines to notice what your site is up to – and to respond positively.

In order to see your site through to a bright future, consider engaging in:

  • SEO – Listing “SEO” is a little redundant, as search engine optimization is the larger definition for each of these practices. But it’s something that you need to maintain as a constant focus. In order to boost your SEO efforts, make sure to work on:
  • Content production – Creating fresh content for your site, whether it’s in the form of local pages, blog posts, news, or service pages, is key. This shows patients and search engines alike that you’re staying current.
  • Building links – The more links on high-quality websites lead to your own site, the better you’ll do in search engine rankings.

Get Help Marketing Your Dental Practice

Curious about where to start with your marketing? Doctor Web Solution can help. Get in touch today!

dental marketing

You know that blogging is crucial. Creating new content on a regular basis boosts your site in the rankings, shows patients that you’re invested in maintaining an online presence, and also offers great tips and advice to your audience. But it can be tough to motivate yourself to get tapping away at the keyboard. Feeling stymied? Whether you’re struggling with writer’s block, a lack of ideas, or an uncertainty as to exactly how to write a blog post, the web is rich with blogger-friendly resources. Below, we’ve listed a few of the top places we find blogging help.

Uncomfortable blogging on your own? Doctor Web Solution’s monthly SEO plans include blogging services. Just get in touch to learn more about pairing with us for content creation.

Resources For Dental Bloggers

In order to blog successfully, you need to be able to multitask. These resources speak to that: they run the gambit from keyword advice to dental news to writing tips. Check them out to see if any could be helpful for you and your dental practice’s marketing efforts.

  • Keyword Planner – Because Google is basically the boss of SEO, it has a number of resources that are incredibly helpful for small business owners. One that’s content-specific is the Adwords Keyword Planner, which shows average search volume for different terms. Why is this helpful for blogging? It’s the simplest way to check your topic ideas against what people are actually searching for in Google. This is a way to safeguard against search engine-unfriendly post titles and refine the keywords and long tail keyword phrases you’ll  be using in your blog content.
  • Topic Generator – HubSpot is an excellent resource for marketers and small businesses. While their blog is filled with ideas, their Topic Generator provides help when you’re totally at a loss for words. If you’re struggling to combine keywords in an appealing way (there are only so many ways to talk about porcelain veneers, after all), try typing in some subjects and tweaking the results. The Topic Generator won’t provide perfect titles, but it will help you get brainstorming.
  • New Beauty – This beauty site is an ideal resource for cosmetic dentists and aesthetic clinics. New Beauty’s Smile blog discusses new trends and products in the cosmetic dental realm, as well as common aesthetic concerns and ways to repair them. Their visually appealing, concise blog posts can serve as inspiration for those trying to focus on cosmetic treatments.
  • Dental Tribune – While this collection of dental articles is fairy clinical and mostly for professionals, not patients, it offers up-to-date news that could inspire ideas for posts.
  • Medical News Today – This database collects research studies related to oral health and dental treatments. Let the specific details of this research motivate you to put together some newsworthy blog posts. Take breaking research and let it serve your practice’s marketing needs.
  • Colgate – Colgate has a huge collection of resources for both patients and professionals. The page we’ve linked is a list of their oral health-related articles, which come out on a weekly basis. Their ADA news page also consolidates releases from the American Dental Association, which can help keep you up to date on industry trends and ADA-certified products and practices.

Your blogging needs are always changing. But with this collection of resources, you’ll be able to find help with whatever you’re lacking at the time of writing. We understand the panic of a blank WordPress post and a blinking cursor – don’t give in to the frustration! Get proactive and get blogging – your practice will see the benefits.

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dental website design

What will your website be like? The sky’s the limit.

The concept behind this post may seem pretty simple. Of course you want your website to reflect your individual practice, right? How else are patients going to see the office for what it is, and decide to give you their trust and business? While a custom site seems like a clear objective, it’s not what many practices actually end up with. The design process can become muddled, and taking the speedy route to a redesign compromises forward-thinking layout and quality content.

How can you make sure that your site stands out from the pack? Follow the steps below to see a final product that is uniquely your own. And if you’re looking for design help to get started, Doctor Web Solution is standing by.

Creating A Dental Website That Actually Speaks to Your Practice

The last time you looked at a dental practice’s website, did you feel like it was something special? It can be tough to design a dental site and make it look fresh. But your dental profession doesn’t need to limit your range. With singular design and specific content, your site will  end up a making a statement.

  1. Decide on your design preferences – Starting the design process with a clear plan will help create a cohesive final result. You should be aware of what you want before beginning. Spend time thinking about the color scheme, front page layout, and user interface that you’d like to set up. While a professional designer will be handling the nitty gritty of putting that design in place, you’ll benefit from providing him/her with specifics. No one knows your practice better than you do, and you should play a role in determining your website’s appearance.
  2. Show and tell – It’s imperative that you establish the right balance between site text and images. You want to show off your practice to patients with different tastes, and some will value photographs over written content (and vice versa). No matter the patient, the right distribution of images and text will appeal visually. And those images and text need to be your own, rather than copies from elsewhere on the Web; this appeals to both search engines and patients.
  3. Be specific – The more details you give about your practice, the better an understanding prospective patients will gain of why it’s the right place for them. Talk about yourself, your staff members, brands offered, and practice-specific treatments as well as the more general dental information. Patients will see that you spent time getting yourself across, and they’ll respond favorably.
  4. Keep your audience in mind – Personalization isn’t all about you – it’s important to keep your target site visitors in mind to provide them with an ideal experience. That being said, you can tailor different portions of your site to appeal to different prospective patients, and build a clear navigation system to support their connections. That way, patients will be able to find exactly what they were looking for, and be convinced to schedule.
  5. Find ways to illustrate your expertise – One thing that’s inherently specific to your practice is your dental work. This is typically represented online by smile galleries of before and after photos. Why not supplement those photos with broader looks at your happy patients? Including testimonials and patient stories will really show off what makes you and your practice exceptional.

An Effective Dental Website Will Help Your Practice Grow

In 2014 (and beyond), patients are finding their healthcare providers on the Internet. When they stumble across your web page, is it ready to draw them in? Or will they click away to find something more engaging? If you’re not confident in your site, contact us for a complimentary evaluation.

dental marketing

Don’t let marketing frustrations get you down! Every business is ripe for successful promotion

There are certain big-name players in the web marketing world, but this month, we saw an appearance from someone that we never expected to turn to for marketing inspiration. As a partially government-funded entity and the unpopular alternative to airplane travel, Amtrak has never been the most glamorous institution on the block. They decided to combat this by focusing on what is appealing about their services: the long-held romantic tradition of train travel.

Amtrak found its opportunity to strike by paying close attention to social media. When writer Alexander Chee mentioned in an interview that there should be an Amtrak residency for writers, fellow writer Jessica Gross tweeted at Amtrak, asking them to make it a reality. Amtrak responded in the affirmative, sending Gross on the maiden residency. Their writer’s residency program is now underway, and this wallflower company has a young, creative, tastemaking audience listening, creating, and buzzing.


The Marketability of Your Dental Practice

There’s a lesson to be learned here. No matter how uncool a business may seem, it can always find an angle. Amtrak showed off its connections with its users, jumping on a tweet to create a new kind of camaraderie with train travelers and writers alike. Draw inspiration from this to do the same with your dental practice. While dental offices may not seem like the most exciting places, you can find a way to connect with patients and show them that your practice values them.

Making Marketing Fun – For Both Practice and Patient

Another great aspect of Amtrak’s interactions is the way the institution made their marketing entertaining – and even fun. Those behind the creation of the residency and those reaping its rewards enjoy the process. Your marketing doesn’t have to be all humdrum. Find and seize opportunities to make it more lively, and your current and prospective patients will appreciate your efforts. The simplest, most effective way to do so is to follow Amtrak’s example, and embrace social media.

Social Media Marketing for Dentists

social media marketing

Social media isn’t just the life of the party – is IS the party. It’s where everyone is hanging out online. If you want to break into a new group of patients, or build connections among existing ones, social media is the right route. Sharing content on social media is simple – it doesn’t even have to be something you created yourself. Posting a fun fact, dental graphic, blog post, cartoon, or educational tidbit will give your patients a moment of humor or reflection. They’ll appreciate that you put that content in their paths, and they will remember you for your online presence. Better yet, they could share that content with others.

Getting Patients Involved in Practice Promotion

You’ve provided superb dentistry – your patients will be happy to return the favor. Not by doing dental work (could get a bit messy), but by giving back to your practice. This is as simple as clicking “Share” on one of your Facebook posts, or pinning one of your photos on Pinterest. When your patients respect you and appreciate what you’ve done for them, they’re likely to blatantly and inadvertently help improve your web presence. Tapping into patients’ social groups offers you an entirely new group of prospective patients, and helps your practice continue to grow.

Whether you’re marketing long-distance train travel or dental crowns and root canals, the basic principles are the same. Find a way to connect with your audience, and you could be next month’s Amtrak.

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dental web design

Web design is the darling of the Internet. No matter how great a site’s content is (whether it’s text, photographs, or videos), the site’s design facilitates and effects viewing. Unless they’re already invested in what that specific site has to offer, many first-time visitors will navigate away if they don’t gel with the site’s design. Design dictates a website’s appeal. Is yours convincing new patients to follow through and make a call? It may be time for an update.

Time for a Website Redesign?

Refreshing your website’s design is simple and a wise investment. With the constantly evolving face of the Internet, regular updates are necessary to stay in touch with what looks current. Redesigns also help you stay abreast of Google updates and keep your site search engine-friendly. If you struggle to look objectively at your website and decide what it needs, Doctor Web Solution can help. It’s always tough to mentally separate from something you’ve spent time building. We can offer that outsider’s perspective, aided by design expertise.

Why Your Website’s Design Should Be A Priority

dental website design

Make your website a place patients want to spend their time

A website’s design speaks to visitors the moment they land on the page. This is more than can be said for the site’s content – depending on its format and on-page location, most visitors will never see its majority. Design stands out instantly, and determines the way patients view your entire site. Is the layout user-friendly? Is it clean and appealing? Is it action-oriented, providing patients with a clear route to contacting the practice? Your design should accomplish all these tasks, and more.

Is Your Current Website Design Working?

Unsure whether your website is in need of some work? Consider a few of the following criteria to decide whether it’s time for an upgrade.

  • Is your website yielding new patients? This question is both straightforward and complex. How do you determine whether your dental practice’s website is doing its job? The proper solution lies in tackling some contact data. Consider how many appointment requests have come in via your web site, and which services those patients were seeking (were they preventive, cosmetic, restorative, etc). Use web analytics to determine the bounce rate of your home page. You’ll be able to decide whether people are interacting with your site in a way that is rewarding to both them and your practice.
  • Do you like your website? You’re the most important benchmark of your website’s design success. If you just settled for a design and it’s not exactly what you’d like, chances are that design doesn’t really fit with your mission statement or your practice.
  • Is your design consistent with your practice’s image? This applies to both visual branding and the site’s content. Does the appearance and layout of your website match paper promotional materials, the practice’s logo, and other representations of your office? It’s key that you establish a consistent brand, and your site design is a great place to start. Nearly everyone who searches for a new dentist online will pass through your site before making a call, and they’ll be evaluating the practice along the way. Make sure those patients draw conclusions that reflect the reality of your practice.

Submit your website for a free design and SEO evaluation to get an idea of where you’re at. We’ll comment on what should be working well, potential changes you could make, and what the redesign process would entail. There’s no obligation involved, simply some professional advice. If you’re unsure about your design or your on-site SEO, we’d love to take a look.

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dental marketing guideAs a medical professional, marketing just isn’t within your purview. And it shouldn’t be! You have other things to focus on. Your patients’ well-being is your natural top priority.

The catch-22 is that without practice marketing, you won’t have patients to treat. For this reason, many dentists and doctors choose to hire outside forces to take care of their marketing. Even if you have hired a marketing firm, it’s important that you be a part of the process. No one can ever hope to understand your practice the way you and your office manager do, or decide how your practice should be presented to the world. So how do you place a few toes in the web marketing waters?

Easy Comprehension of Dental Marketing Basics

This blog post acts as a promotion primer to help you consider the basic factors of dental marketing as they apply to your office. Consider the factors detailed below to get a better idea of how to proceed, and what to emphasize in your marketing efforts. If you have any questions, Doctor Web Solution could offer some pointers. Just get in touch.

Taking Your First Dental Marketing Steps

promoting your dental practice

  • Determine what should be promoted – This is based on a number of factors. Spend some time with your office’s invoices to get a better idea of your top earners (within your services). Which ones typically aren’t covered by insurance? Which are more popular? Which treatments yield the highest net income? You’ll also need to consider the treatments that will appeal most to your patients. Your marketing needs to be a balance of what you want to promote and what patients are trying to find in order to be successful. If your entire website talks about root canals, but fails to mention cosmetic services, it’s not going to bring in new patients (endodontic therapy isn’t the most inviting treatment).
  • Establish your target demographics – Your target demographics are determined by patients’ traits and their locations. You’ll want to appeal to different patients for different services, and tweak your marketing to correspond with whomever is likely to find that service appealing. You’ll also want to choose which neighboring cities, suburbs, or counties you’re interested in using as patient sources. These decisions will inform the Google pay per click and Facebook ad campaigns that your marketers implement.
  • Decide on your web presence – This is a HUGE decision. Your “web presence” encompasses so much – the design of your website; your social media personalities; your ad campaigns; your practice’s branding and logo. You’ll want to work with a professional web designer to make sure that your choices are incorporated in an attractive, functional, and SEO-friendly manner.
  • Build points of connection – These points of connection deepen relationships with existing patients, and bring in new patients in the process. Your web connections will be formed on social media, on your website, and through email. You’ll need to move your existing patient relationships to the web by encouraging individuals to connect with the practice. From those initial connections, new ones will grow, and your practice will flourish.
  • Continue to develop your online presence – Your web marketing needs to evolve and endure to stay relevant. While your SEO consultant will take care of the necessary search engine-related changes, you will need to provide fresh content and office news yourself. Prospective patients are turned off when they see that your blog hasn’t been updated in 6 months, or that your Facebook page hasn’t seen activity in weeks. The web presence you build will require ongoing additions – it’s never “all set,” or ready to be left alone. Remain important to patients by remaining active.

These tips scratch the surface of your introduction to web marketing. Interested in learning more? Get in touch with Doctor Web Solution for dental marketing expertise.

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SEO for dentists

Staying up to date with your SEO doesn’t need to be overwhelming.

Keeping up with good search engine optimization practices can be a dizzying endeavor. With near-constant changes to Google’s algorithm, conflicting ideas from the experts as to what marketers should be doing, and the ever-evolving face of the Internet all at play, things get complicated pretty quickly. Avoid confusion by keeping your SEO simple. It’s possible to distill your SEO efforts to just a few areas of concentration.

What (Good) SEO Looks Like in 2014

Those new to the SEO world likely paused at that heading. How can an internet marketing practice have an alignment? The story of good vs. evil (at least in the search engine optimization realm) began long ago, when search engines first began crawling the burgeoning Internet. Those hoping to get their sites noticed took to practices that were eventually deemed obnoxious. At the time, this wasn’t “bad,” it was just what was done, and it showed results. Today, we call those practices black hat SEO, and our site rankings are ultimately penalized if we choose to employ them.

Part of the reason search engines continue to evolve is to kick those practices to the curb. As search engines become more sophisticated, they’re able to punish webmasters/marketers that choose to keyword stuff, link farm, or hide content. Suspect sites’ PageRanks lower, and they fall in search engine listings. Those using good SEO (aka “white hat” SEO) avoid these flash-in-the-pan practices and take more substantial courses of action.

Good Content

Quality content has become more and more important as search engines have become more discerning. High-octane content is recognized and handled differently by web users, and search engines pick up on these signs. Writing quality content is as simple as taking the time to put it together. Ensure that you’re writing for someone, rather than just writing for your own marketing purposes. Consider your patients and their needs to determine what they would like to gain from your website and its blog. Oh, did we mention blogging? It’s absolutely necessary. Creating new content and producing it consistently will help your site rise in the rankings.

Inbound Links

Search engines monitor the way other websites interact with your own. When another site contains a link to your site, this improves your PageRank and authority. If that website is topically similar your own, even better – establishing relevancy with your keywords and links is a must. Gradually, carefully build these links to ensure that you’re rewarded.

Social Media

social media for dentists

Every “like” is a step in the right direction.

This is the newest tenet of basic SEO. Social media marketing continues to boom, with each new platform changing the way users perceive and are exposed to marketing efforts. While only some social media links are “follow” (i.e. they count in building PageRank), all social media efforts help you connect with patients and prospective visitors. Your dental practice should take advantage of this – most of your patients are likely already on at least one of these platforms, and ready to engage.

How To Incorporate SEO Into Your Dental Marketing

  • Get a blog – and use it! As we mentioned above, blogging is imperative. It’s the simplest, most effective way to continue growing your website and show patients an active web presence. If your website doesn’t already have a blog page, we guarantee that your CMS (content management system) offers an easy venue for setting one up.
  • Spend time on social media. This is easy but requires some time. Build up social media presences on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and LinkedIn. Post your content, fun stuff, practice news, or other dentistry-related articles to engage with patients.
  • Set up a link building campaign. More so than the other SEO steps, this may require some outside help. If you’re looking for SEO expertise, get in touch with Doctor Web Solution. We’ll help you garner inbound links and rise in the rankings.

That’s SEO in 2014, in a nutshell. Need a hand with your web marketing? Contact us for some ideas.

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